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Our Story

Vexcolt India Pvt Ltd was established with the aim of providing innovative and high-quality expansion joint and movement joint solutions, as well as waterproofing services. Our story began with a group of highly skilled professionals who saw a need for specialized solutions in these areas and set out to meet that need

What We Offer

Vexcolt India provides top-notch expansion joint and movement joint systems, innovative waterproofing solutions, technical support, high-quality materials and equipment, and exceptional customer service. 

Expansion Joints and Movement Joints:

High-quality systems designed for structure movement..

Waterproofing Services:

Innovative solutions for building protection against water damage.

Quality Materials and Equipment:

Optimal performance through use of top-notch materials.

Our Expert Team

Vexcolt India Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of expansion joint, movement joint, and waterproofing solutions. Our products and services are designed to meet the specific needs of each project and ensure long-lasting durability. We use only the best materials and equipment, and our team of experts provides exceptional technical support and customer service.

Deepak Jain

Chairman / Director

Sanjay Garg

Business Development Head

Krishna Kumar Mishra

Operations Head

We provide the in the industry
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